Are You the ‘Right Person’ or a ‘Get Free’ Person?

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Are you still using Free products because you don’t have the budget to purchase paid products?

Do you feel like you’re at a road block and struggling to grow your business?

Perhaps you are a ‘Get Free’ person.

I was a Get Free person in the first few years of running my own business as well.

I quickly learned that being a ‘Get Free’ person was not helping me and was not helping my business.

In fact, it was actually hindering my business in many ways.

So what is a ‘Get Free’ person? And what does it mean to be the ‘Right Person’?

I just watched a video from my friend and mentor Chris Jones (pictured below), the creator of the IPAS system, and he mentioned that he only wants to work with the Right People. His video and this message inspired my blog post.

Read on to learn more….


Here are a few of the qualities of ‘Right People’.

  1. If you are on my team, or I am coaching you, when I send you an email, you read it, open it and act on it. You do what it says to do.
  2. When you are asked to watch a video – you watch the video – all the way to the end.
  3. You write comments and offer constructive criticism.
  4. You are committed to your success and will do whatever it takes to achieve your goals, no matter what.
  5. You focus on systems that work and are willing to drop systems that don’t work.

#5 is my most important criterion

To me, ‘free email’ of any kind is a system that doesn’t work. Not for me. Not for anyone.


Because if you relinquish control of your primary means of communication to a third party that doesn’t have your interests at heart, you simply are a ‘get free’ person – someone who is not going to be successful.

Let’s talk a bit about ‘free email’.

What is ‘free email’?

It is email that you get for free in exchange for advertising.

I met the father of ‘free email’ years ago – the founder of a system known as ‘HotMail’ which was later acquired by Microsoft, Sabeer Bhatia. Sabeer is a cool guy, and part of a mastermind group of Indian entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, California. I enjoyed listening to him share his story about Hotmail. They had this killer idea to provide ‘free email’ to anyone who had a computer – through the browser. This really worked for India. I remember a few things – how he had to pitch the Venture Capitalists to get his first six-figure investment and give up the company. With that money they sent the money back to India to do a massive marketing push to create their first 1 million email accounts. Then he sold it. Last time I met Sabeer he was working on building a sustainable domed city like you see in science fiction movies.

So let’s talk about how free email has degenerated.

What most people use today is Gmail. I don’t object to the advertising but I do object with the ‘filtering’.

What do I mean by ‘filtering’?

I mean that if I send you an email from GMAIL from me to you it will end up in your personal inbox. But if I send you an email from my business address it ends up in your ‘promotions’ or ‘updates’ folder UNTIL you choose to move it to your inbox and tell Gmail that you want it – but very few people go to this extra effort, or even know about these two folders.

For a while I was tolerant of this with some of my clients.

But then I started getting phone calls.

Vik I didn’t see your email? When did you send it? Oh yeah there it is… in my updates folder.

oh… my website has been shut down – I didn’t get any notice that my credit card was expired can you recover my website for me?

oh…i’m sorry I missed your event – will you have a replay?

oh…I have all these emails from you and I was meaning to read them all at once someday…i’m overwhelmed.

My Response: You idiots – of course you’re overwhelmed, the SYSTEM is designed to overwhelm you so that the advertising will reach your subconscious mind instead of the messages from the people who are trying to reach you!


A few months ago I did a little test with my e-mail list.

I split it into two groups.

One group included only ‘free email accounts’ Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail.

The other group included ‘commercial’ emails – i.e.

I sent both groups an invitation to a live event I was producing with one of my colleagues.

The ‘free email group’ had a 2% open rate.

The ‘commercial group’ had a 40% open rate.

Why is this?


And another reason which I’m calling ‘Network Filtering’.

What is Network Filtering?

It works like this: if I keep sending email to you and you’re on Gmail and you consistently don’t open my mails and I keep sending to you, over time, other subscribers I have who are on Gmail will also not get my mail because Gmail has ‘judged’ my mail as irrelevant and therefore will deliver it to the ‘promotions’ folder. That means even my existing subscribers who were getting my mail to their ‘inbox’ will start getting my mail delivered to their ‘promotions’ folder BECAUSE you are on my list and I keep mailing you and you’re not paying attention BECAUSE you’re ‘too overwhelmed.’

You’re too overwhelmed because you are supposed to be overwhelmed. The SYSTEM is designed that way. Don’t you get it? Get into a different system or get off my list!

Network Filtering means that the network itself, i.e. Gmail in this example, decides what information will reach you. You don’t even have a choice in this case.

I made an announcement to all my clients that I would simply not do business with them if they continued to email me from a ‘free email’ account.

One of them was clever. She said – yeah I fooled you I simply use Gmail to check my other non-gmail address by setting up email forwarding.


What you just did by doing that is you allowed the ‘free email’ service to Network Filter your non-free email account and apply its rules to all those mails as well.

So, are you a ‘get free’ person? If so, then I am asking you to please UNSUBSCRIBE from my list. Go back to the email that invited you here and click the unsubscribe button. Please do this right away. I really don’t need or want you on my list. I have 172,209 email contacts and I’m only going to work with people who will step up to the plate and drop the systems that aren’t working. I don’t need you. I’d love to help you, but there are 172,208 other people who will want help if you don’t.

I only want to work with people who are the Right People – who are ready to say ‘enough is enough’ with the ‘Get It Free’ world and want to succeed in the world of online business.

If you’re one of those Right People, here are 5 steps to take to Get Right In My Book.

STEP 1: Get a domain name and buy an email account that goes with it.
STEP 2: Upgrade Your Search Triggers Membership.
STEP 3: Get a SPACE website and Build Your Domain Authority by Leveraging Ours.
STEP 4: Sign up for High Traffic Academy and get basic training on this online marketing world.
STEP 5: Sign up for the IPAS Business System and get a pre-built Marketing System that you can use to build your list and start to make money online.

That’s 5 steps – do those in that order. Why? because you need a new domain and an email to go with it before you do the other steps. I want to be sure that you are able to be reached by me and that you ‘filter out’ all the junk. Keep your business email private and use it for business. Don’t opt-in with it. Opt in to my emails with your new email. Clear?

Please comment below AFTER you have completed the above 5 steps.

In case you still are not convinced about becoming a Right Person, here’s some background about me and why I believe I should only work with the Right People.

I’ve been online since 1994. That means its my 21st year in this industry. I got my start with Bill Gates. Over the years, I’ve shaken hands with several other billionaires including Andy Grove (the father of the microchip), Michael Dell, Scott McNealy (founder of Sun and creator of Java), Steve Wozniak (Apple co-founder), and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), to name a few.

Chances are I’ve been around the block longer than you, and because of that, I’m also a bit arrogant and pig headed when it comes to the online world.

Think about it – suppose you were in the real estate business as long as Donald Trump and someone showed up on your door asking for ‘Get Free’ attitude, what would Mr. Trump say?

Meeting Donald Trump – The Limo BackStage (On The Stage)
I had the fortunate opportunity to meet Mr. Trump back stage at an event in San Francisco. I was invited as a VIP guest of the producer of the conference where Mr. Trump was speaking. The producer paid $1 million for 1 hour of Mr. Trump’s time and I remember Mr. Trump dropped the F-bomb at least a few times per minute. He is a very passionate speaker. This captivated audience of over 50,000 people was mesmerized. After Mr. Trump finished the talk I went back stage, because I could. There was a stretch limo parked ON THE STAGE and Mr. Trump was sharing a few parting words with the small group of us who were gathered around and thanking him for his fine talk. Then he got into his limo and drove off the stage.

When you’re successful you call the shots and you can say ‘yes or no’ to the people you want to work with.

I’m ready to call the shots and only work with the Right People.

Are You one?

To Your and Our Success,