Divers Dippers and Skimmers

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by Viktor Grant

I first learned about this at a private, invite-only webinar that I attended. The concept is called ‘Divers Dippers and Skimmers.’ The speaker shared it in terms of ‘building a sales funnel’ to different types of audiences.

Why is this relevant to you?

It’s crucial because as you interact with the online world, you need to speak differently to different types of audiences.

Rather than put it in my own words, I’ll quote the author of this concept and give proper credit where credit is due.

"Divers are a small group, but they bring in the dippers and the dippers bring in the skimmers
[who are repelled by the complexity divers love]." - Mike Montello

In terms of the digital consumer, here’s how those three personalities come together.

So what is a Diver? They’re someone who just ‘dives in’ . They are “hardcore fans”
So what is a Dipper? “engaging casually, in undemanding ways, e.g. by posting on blogs and comment threads”
So what is a Skimmer? They are people who “engage only briefly” – they ‘skim’ the surface of a lot of stuff and need to see a lot of repetition before they buy your product.

People who are Skimmers are the hardest to reach and they also account for the largest segment of the population 70-80%.
People who are Dippers love social media and according to experts they account for 20-30% of the online population.
People who are Divers, like myself, when we get excited about something we want everyone else to share our excitement. We love details and we love numbers and love teaching people…but sometimes its too overwhelming.  This personality type is about 1-2% of the population of online users.

People always tell you ‘be yourself’ when it comes to marketing. This simply isn’t true anymore. This was a huge insight to me because I realized that if I’m using ‘diver’ language which is what will ‘sell me’ that won’t work effectively with the 98-99% of the population that expects a different approach.
Let me illustrate with a few examples for each of the 3 groups:

EXAMPLE 1: Divers - here's the link to buy Search Triggers choose the package that fits your needs and budget

EXAMPLE 2: Dippers – here’s a free trial you can try Search Triggers – simply create a free account



EXAMPLE 3: Skimmers

Skimmers like big fancy graphics, lot of testimonials and because they’re skimming the battle is over their attention. How do you get their attention? Any way you can.  This is why so many marketers are ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY writing to Skimmers. BIG MISTAKE.  If you look at the big marketplaces of affiliate networks they are all targeting Skimmers in their style.  Sure, smart divers like me will still buy their products, but not because of the HYPE – we’ll sift thru it. I’m not a skimmer so its very difficult for me to illustrate this other than to show you a few examples below of the types of things that skimmers like to see. It will be (start) and (end) section.   The links are real and so are the stats – and actually do go to the destinations in the blog post.

How could you apply these examples to your business?  read on…


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(no buy now links at all)




Want to learn how I did that? Here’s How


Here’s someone from Facebook



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(end Skimmer Example)



ok.... back to writing the article - enough examples - are you following me?

From the above 3 examples you now have a clear picture that your marketing needs to be directed towards 3 different groups of people. I’m writing this article for several reasons, the biggest one is to share with you my ‘AH HA’ moment when I went “BING” and the lights went on and I realized that most of my customers and clients over the years have been tolerant of my “Deep Diver” personality – but that I wasn’t reaching as many people as I could because I didn’t understand the Dipper and Skimmer mindset.

The second reason I’m writing this is to help other marketers (which are the majority of my subscribers) with their business.

If you only target ‘Skimmers’ you will turn off Divers.  Please come up with innovative ways to reach us Divers. We’d actually buy your product if you removed the ‘funnel’ from your marketing.


I’ll say that again.


“Divers will buy your product if you remove the ‘funnel’ from your marketing.” – Vik


How can you implement that?  Its really simple. Put a plain-text link in courier font somewhere on your home page preferably in the upper right corner or at the bottom that simply says

skip this and purchase our product


pricing for our packages

How often do you see the direct links on marketing today?  Almost never.  Please put them back!

If I see another “Marketing Funnel Offer” I will scream!@$$ Profanities (actually, not) because I see 5-10 funnel offers per day.

Funnels do work for Skimmers – in fact that’s the only way to sell to them.

But I’m a diver and I don’t want your funnel.  I want to see your sales figures, and your affiliate model to see if I want to promote your product.



Vik’s 3 Rules on How to market more effectively to Divers, Dippers and Skimmers

Now for my personal strategies BASED on all the research.  Today I will be presenting Mike’s Powerpoint that he kindly put up on Slideshare which took me 30 seconds to uncover with Search Triggers.

Rule #1:  Don’t ‘sell’ to Skimmers – don’t even think about it.
Rule #2:  Give Trial offers with high value to ‘Dippers’
Rule #3:  Enroll ‘Divers’ to be your Affiliates

You will need to speak to each group differently because if you don’t you, will turn them off.  One approach, that is held most closely by marketers is to only target the ‘skimmers’ since they are the biggest segment of the population. But for people like me, I get tired of seeing the same old sales pitch (I get 5-10 per day) – I want the facts, what it costs and how many people have bought it so I can figure out whether I want to sell it as an affiliate.

DIVERS are typically the people who have big lists and if they like your product they will tell thousands – so they don’t want the HYPE – they just want the bottom line.

With Skimmers you have to give them ‘drip campaigns’, you need to give them a lot of social proof, testimonials, and make sure their friends are also talking about your product. They love photos and proof shots.

With Dippers, you give them a trial offer – they need to feel it and try it out before buying it.   Don’t bother with sales HYPE. Let them EXPERIENCE your product.

With Divers – just send them the details – and the purchase link. Skip the fancy sales language, (skip the ‘Mary makes XXX$ with this product last week’)

Here’s the crux: if you try to use Skimmer language to a diver they will get bored and move on.
If you use Diver language to a Skimmer, they will become overwhelmed.

The challenge is to find ways to SEGMENT your list into Divers, Dippers and Skimmers and speak to each of them completely differently in your written, verbal and video communications.

Good luck with that!

To help you in this endeavor I’ve been working on a secret project to automate this ‘filtration’ process by observing how people interact with a ‘funnel’ – Try it out for yourself

Then when you’re ready to have me help you with building a funnel just like that for your business – here’s a quick quiz to let me know how serious you are.  Ready to dive in?