How To Get 40% Click Thru Rate On Offers In Your Emails

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A few days ago I sent out an email to my subscribers with the subject of this email, but on this page was just a link to our Google+ channel where the answer to the aforementioned topic was addressed in a hangout we had earlier this year.  Ergo, I’m going to summarize the contents of that video in this blog post as well as invite you to join me in the 21 Day Blogging Challenge to blog consistently with a purpose straight for 21 days without missing a day.  I’ll be sharing some of those blogs here in the Search Triggers blog although most of my blogging will be in a new blog I’m starting tomorrow called

“Music Marketing Madness”

So back to the question: How can I help you get 40% Click Thru Rate on Offers in your Emails? Answer: make sure that offer in your email is better than all the other offers that show up ON THAT TIME from everyone else your subscribers are subscribed to.  This is important. If everyone else is sending emails at 6AM on Monday morning, send yours on Sunday at 3PM and observe the results.   Each list of subscribers will have its own ‘rhythm’ – some people like to be emailed daily – others will want to be emailed weekly – others monthly – others quarterly. How you relate to your subscribers will happen naturally with practice. As you understand and exceed the needs of your readership and make sure that your blog posts and emails are more interesting and engaging than the competition, you’ll differentiate yourself from all the other people who are vying for the ‘INBOX’. Up until recently everyone has been trying to get on ‘Google Page One’ and complaining about how difficult it is.  The new ‘complaint’ is trying to get in the Google INBOX.  Its no longer about just reaching the top of the search engines, its about engaging with people after they leave your blog or article and until everyone on our list adopts MOBILE TEXT MESSAGING REMINDERS we are still stuck with EMAIL. Here’s a clip of a recent email I sent to an exclusive list I manage of a friend, a musician and composer, who sends out his newsletter QUARTERLY to his fans: recent-email The click thru rate OF THE PEOPLE who opened this letter is 35% unique to unique.  If you count people who just clicked out of the unique crowd (including repeat clicks) the click thru rate on this ONE email is 52%.  That’s the power of building RELATIONSHIPS with your subscribers by providing valuable content How do you build such a list?  Answer: list segmentation. Simply stated, this also means, you DELETE ALL THE PEOPLE WHO DON’T RESPOND until you have a high-responsive group and only write to that group over time you’ll build up a lot of different groups. This is what my ‘big list’ or ‘solo ad list’ looks like today as I’m writing this post (actual screenshot) contacts This is only possible with the types of email newsletter software that I personally use and recommend for email marketing, and I reserve access to that exclusively to customers and members of my team.  You can get started by building your list with ‘opt-in’ email software like Aweber or GetResponse and then export/migrate your list to the industrial-strength systems once you’re seeing success with your email marketing.  Industrial-strength email software charges you PER EMAIL DELIVERED instead of ‘per subscriber’ – and they typically have better deliver-ability than consumer-grade email subscriber software.  Think about it – if you’re paying for ‘subscriber’ does it really matter to the email company if your subscribers ever receive your email? No. Because their business model is to grow the size of your ‘list’ as large as possible.  BUT if you’re paying PER EMAIL – it matters A LOT and the burden of list management falls on you instead of the mail company. Naturally, you only want to send emails to people who are paying attention.

Do I have your attention? here’s my personal confirmation:


Here’s the formula:


1.  Blog Daily. 2.  Share your blog on Social Media.


3.  Email your blog post to your list.


4.  Take the best responses (most engaging content) from 1-3 and send that to your “Big List” or Solo Ad Lists.


5.  Take the best of #4 and create an autoresponder sequence.

  That strategy is how I built a list of nearly 200,000 people and what I teach in our Mastermind group.

How do you cultivate your list?  Blogging daily as I said is the first step.

I’m going to be blogging daily – not necessarily here in this blog (don’t worry) – but somewhere in my 3 other blogs I regularly write on as well as starting up a new blog about the music industry.  Please join me in the 21 day blogging challenge by clicking on the button below and learning as I do from the best experts in the industry.  The training is free and you’ll be able to immediately apply what you learn from Search Triggers in the challenge itself!



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