Instant Messaging For Business Communication

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by Viktor Grant

“Get out of the office and start using Instant Messaging for Business Communication.” – is the conclusion reached in this article.

“Skype is the worst way to get my attention” said one of my clients.

“Skype is the best way to get my attention” said I in response.

Why the difference?


Most ‘busy’ people have schedules, appointments, and live in a complete stress-zone. Those of us who are in the world of development i.e. we ‘build stuff’ like SearchTriggers we live in a real-time.  I really don’t have time for e-mail, phone calls or appointments.

If someone calls our toll free number 1-800-557-0212 and asks for extension 2 they’ll usually get me right on the phone and I’ll be happy to assist you choose the right software for your business communication needs. No appointment needed. If you get a voicemail it gets packaged – emailed and alerts multiple people for follow-up.

I said it the other day:  “I’m sorry but I’m too focused on my projects to make appointments with anyone, but if you want to reach me – drop me a quick note in Skype and I’ll be happy to assist.”

You see – in between those times when we’re not writing code its totally cool to drop me a question? Why? Because its cool.

My long term clients know by now that I don’t make appointments, I don’t answer the phone and I don’t check my email so if they need to reach me they need to have either my private cell phone number – which is only given to retainer clients – or my Skype which is reserved only for customers.

So can Instant Messaging be used for Business Communication?  Absolutely it should be used and if you do, you’ll find you’ll spend less time in the stress-zone of making appointments with people who just happen to be on-line whenever you need them.

Can you model these ideas for your own business? Yes. here’s how.

#1  Never talk to prospects. Only talk with customers. Use online automation tools such as email autoresponse systems to get people to buy your initial product.

#2  Organize Google+ Hangouts using SKYPE – keep a Skype list of people in groups – have a customer skype list and then use a broadcast software to communicate with that Skype group.

#3  Give your A-list clients your mobile number and ask them to text you first.

#4  Use long-term collaborative software. We use Adobe Connect that allows us to remote-screenshare

So, now its off to relax in the hot springs, drink wine at my winery clients 60th birthday party and relax while magically everything else is happening.

Oh – did I mention to you that my Skype messages are echoed on my phone and tablet? I can always keep track of my projects in between soaking in the hot water and relaxing in the sun.

And so can you. So get out of the office and start using Instant Messaging for Business Communication.

It’s your life – design it as you like.

Are you ready for a 20-30% increase in your business income? Start using Instant Messaging and start Tweeting your own content and writing your own blog posts instead of outsourcing them to your ‘team’

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