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I’m shocked as are most people with the recent US election results.

But then, not really.

One of the world’s great marketers, Frank Kern predicted that Trump would win simply because of his slogan:

“Make America Great Again”

Several months ago, Frank shot a six minute video explaining the influential psychology of that simple statement on the minds of the majority of the voting population and emailed it to his list as soon as Trump started using that slogan for his campaign.

What does the image above represent? Yesterday, I sent out an email to around 5% of my 100,000+ email database asking my subscribers to vote for either the words ‘alternative’ or ‘indie’ or ‘other’ and if you received this letter, then you’re in this small test group.

November 10 Update:
The early results of the vote are ‘in’ and the pie chart is starting to look very hauntingly familiar to the presidential election polls. How could that be? Its because human nature operates in predictable patterns, and our choice of words between an ‘alternative’ closely resembles the Republican ideology and ‘indie’ represents the Democratic ideology.¬† Everything including the recent presidential election is BORN FROM LANGUAGE!

If you didn’t receive the email entitled¬† ‘[Please VOTE] Red or Blue? Bing or Google? Alternative or Indie?’ then its either in your SPAM or you’re not on our list (you can opt-in on the right side of this blog.)

Why we need an alternative search engine.

For more than the past decade, I’ve been studying the frustration that people all over the world are having with ‘getting found’ in search engines. In many cases I was feeling hopeless and helpless to do anything to help them. As their webmaster I similarly felt frustrated with having to tell my clients:

‘Sorry, but you simply don’t have the authority to rank anywhere in big search engines… why don’t you try blogging for a while, put out some press releases, speak at a few conferences, and have those people backlink to you to help boost your authority rating’


All this changed when I started working on my own search engine and I realized there was an ALTERNATIVE.

I realized that

We don’t need more pages.
We don’t need more authority.
We don’t need ‘crawlers or spiders’
We don’t need complex ranking algorithms
We don’t need more confusion.

Search is about finding information.
(not organizing information)

Search SHOULD be about finding the most RELEVANT information.

Today, just like in politics, the search engine industry is regulated by the ‘big boys’ who run the show and their only goal is harvesting as much of your advertising dollars as possible.

But even this is failing in many cases.

Why? Because of the ‘spillover effect’ of advertising in search is more eyeballs on your brand.

Pay-per-click is an illusion.

It doesn’t really exist anymore because all that matters is having your website show up there in the top – whether someone clicks on it or not – doesn’t matter. You have no way to track it but if you consistently advertise in search, you’ll see the ‘spillover effect’ where your overall sales will increase even though the people who ACTUALLY buy from your clicks are minimal compared to your brand exposure.

Yesterday, I was on the phone with Google talking with one of their advertising executives about a campaign we were working on for one of our clients, and asking some pretty detailed questions about how to do keyword insertions into ads, to make them more personal. Their staff was well informed, helpful and friendly.¬† I am happy to recommend to all my clients to say YES – you SHOULD advertise in Google – but do it smart. Make sure you’re ready for prime time.

That’s not what I’m talking about here.

What I’m talking about here is a search engine that actually helps you find the right information – the most relevant information – that isn’t based on how much authority you have.

What does that mean to you?

It means that you can give me your article, and as long as I publish it on MY website I can get it to the top of the search engines 10x faster than if you publish it on your own website.

I built that authority OVER 20 YEARS, but I did very little, honestly, to step out into the mainstream. Quite the opposite, we’ve been flying under the radar and influencing this huge machine called the Internet by whispering ideas into the right people who have global influence on how things will play out.

We’re just getting started.

At this time, we’re looking for the most popular slogan for our search engine, and perhaps the ‘best’ slogan for our search engine.

Here’s my challenge: if I go with the popular vote, I’ll probably have more impact on the world.

Yet, I recognized some of the names of people who responded yesterday to my announcement, and I respect these people them highly because I know who they are. One of them has sold over a million units of software and he voted for ‘indie’

It seems like Earthgrid needs an ‘Electoral college’? lol

Anyway, I’m rambling here because you’re the first group of folks I’m sharing my vision with and my new book that I’m working on.

This book will change the world of search engines as we know it when its published, because it will expose the game to the world and the ‘secrets’ that only the top SEO’s have been holding close to their chests.

The truth is I built a search engine now that operates with an alternative mindset.

It operates with an ‘indie’ philosophy.

I believe that new websites ought to be found at least some of the time in search engines.
I believe that information itself is the value and the quality and popularity of your information is the value.
I believe that the time has come for an alternative to the two big search engines that are dominating the worlds information economy.

Are you with me?