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Marketing to me is the science of desire. It’s all about experience of desire transferring from one person to another.

Kotler who is one of the most brilliant scholars on the subject Kotler is quoted as saying in 1997: “The marketing strategy is the way in which the marketing function organises its activities to achieve a profitable growth in sales at a marketing mix level”. So, by adding the word “Strategy” we’re now talking about the WAY this function ORGANIZES.

To put marketing into practice is done through a marketing model thereby relating it to something that we are familiar to.

For example Jeff J Hunter has his CLEAR copywriting model. An acronym for five steps that he discovered by studying the Facebook algorithm. To me its one of the most exciting breakthroughs because it’s based on what Jeff J Hunter discovered through his own experience with what was working for him on Facebook. Thanks Jeff! You rock!

Frank Kern has his dog training model. Most marketers follow this one. It’s based on treating people like dog trainers treat dogs. Through a series of training steps.

Because I kept seeing over and over again that the dog training metaphor didn’t work for me (because I’m more like a cat), I invented the CAT model exactly 1,069 days ago (just checked) and created a brand called ‘Marketing Like a Cat‘ – started writing a book and then like most cats, got distracted with napping and doing other things (that cats do.)

In “Marketing Like a Cat” I modeled both after the animal as well as the acronym Curiosity Awareness Tenderness. It’s based on years of experience in studying cat behavior and how to inspire them to take actions. Cats don’t respond to the same type of training that dogs do.

Ryan Deiss has the Value Journey model that is based on the nurture intimacy values of human behavior.

Ryan Levesque has his Ask model. You ask your customers who they are and then relate your marketing message to them.

Joe Sugarman has the triggers model. You write copy so that one sentence triggers the next. Each sentence is designed to inspire someone to keep reading.

Based on this model I invented software to change the paradigm of search with and

Which model is the best?

All of them.

For different types of people. And we use them all knowingly or unknowingly once we learn them.

A model that works for one type of person will completely ineffective to another type of person.

It’s all about testing and discovering what works for you!

Study all the marketing models and then apply them to building your own leadership model. Gather your tribe and don’t compare your self to others.

Time and time again when we try to copy someone else’s model we often end up with disappointment.

In my webinars I teach MOVES.

I based this on my study of marital arts, yoga and surfing.

I was once a seminar leader for a personal development company and we taught a group of people for nine days how to transform their lives.

Before that I taught four day workshops.

Both of these were other people’s programs that I went through training and certification classes for before I was licensed to teach.

I wanted to go out and do my own thing.

After that I taught online with up to two thousand people in chat rooms.

What I learned from experience is that the online world is infinitely varied yet follows certain core principles.

We go from first understanding those principles to practicing them to teaching them to others. Three stages.





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