Real SEO vs. Pseudo SEO

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by Viktor Grant

Pseudo SEO is what people believe SEO to be. Real SEO is what SEO actually is.

How did the term SEO come to be?

My colleague and friend Bob Heyman was part of the team that developed the website for Jefferson Starship back in the day. Today he’s working on Children’s Books to teach Kids Rock Music appreciation.  Back in the day he coined the term ‘Search Engine Optimization’ because he wanted the band Jefferson Starship to be found by search engines when their domain name was simply ‘’ – he did this with TITLES, Headings and a few ninja things (that don’t work anymore)…. the first two things still work today and that’s why we built Search Triggers.

OOOH I feel a rant coming….

All the garbage I get in my email says ‘look – I’m ranked on page 1 of google on 8 phrases’ and then I go back to Search Triggers and verify that those 8 phrases only have a few competitors simply bugs me.  Why? because you could write a blog post or article, post it on social media, and by simply using the right title with a half-way decent (article that you personally wrote) – it would accomplish the same thing as the guy who is selling you the SEO software or the ‘latest breakthrough in ranking in google page 1’  It kind of makes me angry when people send me garbage like this and people eat it.

It  makes me angry because it gives the SEO industry a bad name and its harder for us to sell our software because of all the junk out there. Our software actually works and will help you Rank #1 and stay there but only if you deserve it.

Here’s the bottom line – if you target the wrong set of words, it doesn’t matter how good your ‘SEO’ is it aint gonna work.

If you’re a small tribute rock band in New Jersey and you decide myself Jefferson Starship Reunion just to rank, You’re not going to rank under that search term because you don’t have the AUTHORITY to do so.  Authority is key and the way search engines measure that is through BACKLINKS!

You have to FIT the part to stay ranked in your target term.

REAL SEO is simply just giving Search Engines the ‘food’ that they want. Back in my black hat SEO days we did this with something called ‘food scripts’ .  Today there’s WordPress – its a ‘food script’ just like the CGI scripts we used in the 90’s

Search Engines banned food scripts because they were simply too good.  They wanted the ‘human factor’ to make sure their index couldn’t be manipulated.  Now that I’ve built my own search engine (which I’m really proud of), I realize what a challenge this is. But they were looking on the wrong end of the donkey.

Most of our time now is spent ‘cleaning’ the index.

It has nothing to do with all the garbage people write about SEO.  If anything, its about the partnership between the business owner and the search engine company to be found in relevant search results – that’s it.

When you give the Search Engines the “food” they want, that’s real SEO and once you get ranked for REAL you’ll stay there until someone smarter comes along and boots you to page 2!

Peace out!