Selling Attitude Is Everything

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Is selling ‘Everything’ ?  Author GF Tanham seems to think so. But I think there’s more to it. What? How dare I say that? What motivates you to buy something?

I buy for different reasons. I’m not one of the ‘pack’. Just because so and so bought this doesn’t mean I will buy it too. I look at selling differently than most people. I look at it in terms of whether I am able to sell it to others, not whether I want to buy it for myself. But that’s me.

That’s why I’m writing this blog post: selling is NOT everything.

Selling Attitude IS Everything.

How confident you feel about your product or service determines whether people will buy it. They will feel it.

Still – I’m sure there are nuggets in this book. Even if you pick up one nugget from it its probably worth picking up.

Let’s talk about you.

In his book Selling Is Everything : What’s In It For Me ? he outlines the almost obvious nature of the human condition. Why we buy what we do. It is based on human needs.

Every company needs to sell its products and services in order to stay in business and be profitable, many do and too many don’t. The reason for this seems elusive but is in fact simple, they sell to customers who they know need their services or products and are willing to pay for them. Seems simple enough though 80% of all small business fail within 3 years. What makes this difference, selling effectively!

In his new book, Selling is Everything, G. F. Tanham shares the key buying process we all take to purchase everything, be it a personal or professional purchase. The way most people purchase is the same and hardwired into most people’s brains so most people use it in all instances.

This is simple to state in that selling is finding the key values that buyers are using to purchase.

Learning the process of how people buy has been the difference between success and failure, but never understood, by most organizations or sales people. In Selling is Everything, you will learn the decision to buy process we all use when buying and use it to be more effective, successful and reach your sales goal in less time.

If you want to increase your sales you have to buy this book and implement what you learn….as one review stated:

“G.F. has captured the deep essence of sales and offers practical and implementable ideas to take your sales from good to great. Whether you are a CEO, Owner, or Sales Executive you need this knowledge.”

“Selling is Everything” is now available at Check it out for yourself and let me know if that’s really all there is to selling in the comments below. If you buy it let me know what you got out of it.


– Vik