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I’m so excited to share with you some breaking news.

Yesterday, while I was working on the new user interface for our Earthgrid Search engine, our #1 top producing affiliate during last year’s launch, Paul, pinged me on Skype and said:

“Hi Vik, can I call you please bro?”

So we talked and he asked me to watch this 5 minute video about what he called the ‘future of affiliate marketing’.

Imagine what it would be like if you had a small piece of the ‘Pokemon Go’ revenue when it launched.

Normally, I stay clear of these types of deals because we’re all pre-conditioned to not trust people. However Paul led one of the most successful webinars last year in SearchTriggers history so he’s earned my trust.


I watched the video.

And then I said

“I like this idea. But I’m not into Sports”

His response:

“in marketing it’s not about what we ourselves are into, but what everyone else is doing”

So I signed up yesterday and we agreed to make this a case study for SearchTriggers.  I know that I can use both SEO and PPC (pay per click) to promote a mobile app using the ‘secret weapon’ we have and then I thought:

“Maybe some of my members would like to participate as well”

Paul agreed to personally coach any of my members who join our team, in the method he’s used to become one of the top leaders in Affiliate Marketing.

What’s the catch?

The affiliate program is only open for 1 more week. After that they’re not accepting applications. The mobile app will launch later this fall probably in a few weeks after they close. It will be available on Google Play Store and Apple Store – however as an affiliate you can promote the app directly and receive commissions from a ‘free app’ that costs you and others nothing.

I’m going to do a campaign with everyone as well as a special training with Paul.  Just for checking this out, you’ll be invited to that complementary training.  We only have 1 week to have everyone say ‘YES’ who is even mildly interested in learning about this.

As a special bonus – everyone who joins my team with Paul will also get a complementary 30-day upgrade to SearchTriggers Author Edition ($29 value) so you can start your campaigns running as soon as the app releases hits the stores.

Watch the video and reply to this email if you have any questions that the video doesn’t answer. I have PDF’s of the legal stuff, the compensation plan and the costs. Compared to other deals that have crossed my desk in the past few months this is a no-brainer. They won’t even charge my credit card until launch day so this is all simply ‘pre-launch’ and building a massive team of marketing momentum so that when the app hits the stores it will be wildly successful.

It’s also one of the highest quality video presentations I’ve seen in a long time. You can tell this is a real company and they’ve been working on this for quite some time.

I was also intrigued that they’ve been offering this deal to schools and charities as a fundraising vehicle. Their heart is in the right place.  Simply give away your private link to the APP.

It’s a perfect case study for the ‘sports’ niche in SearchTriggers and I’m so excited to teach this webinar with Paul again.  We’ll announce the dates soon. It will most likely be in 3-4 weeks on a Tuesday evening. Look out for more specifics later.

In the meantime, please watch this video and let me know if this fits with you.