Why Search Triggers? Get Found. Get Noticed. Get Clicks.

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Why did I create this software tool?  First of all its to help you get found in search engines. It all started with pain. The pain of spending sometimes one or two hours pouring over spreadsheets to help figure out the ‘optimal’ keywords for a client’s website based on current market conditions. You see, if you don’t know your keywords then you can do everything right, and still not get any search engine traffic. Even if you have the right words, they are often times too competitive, so I needed a tool that could quickly tell me how much competition existed under a given phrase so I could make the decision whether it was the right time for me to do it.

Why get noticed?  Because you need to stand out from the competition. You need a catchy phrase that speaks to the market AS WELL as the keywords behind it. Why bother writing a 2000 word blog post if someone has already written about something similar?  How many times have you spent hours writing the perfect article, only to find that nobody cares, nobody reads it and it misses the mark?

Why get clicks? Clicks or website traffic are the life blood of your business. Every industry has a ‘tipping point’ – every keyword has a leader. Once you hit this tipping point you will be the leader of the pack in that industry. When I help clients with their SEO it’s not just about ranking them in search engines. Nine times out of 10 that’s just an ego trip. It is about transforming their business and their brand messaging to the degree that they are worthy of the placement.  These days, consistent flow of traffic i.e. clicks to your website are the single most important asset you can have. Without them, search engines won’t consider you relevant and they won’t send you traffic.

Finally, why go thru search engines one by one when you can have them all on one screen. I wanted to speed up the process of finding the best content, the best articles and filtering out the junk to make it easy. This goes way beyond SEO.

When you set Search Triggers as home page you’ll see it all: ONE place with instant access to search both Google and Bing, review your advertising campaigns performance, your past keywords and searches, browse through content and apply filters instantly to find better and more meaningful results from your search queries. Its the only tool I know of that you can quickly find relevance out of the billions of web pages on the Internet.